Is it Possible for a Dvd/CdRw to reject?

hey gang…
recently, this morning was making an audio cd. the verifying data at the end for some reason took the longest time. and i figured i can wait next morning after till it finished.
I woke up to a rejected burn. it said something along the lines that there was some errors reading certain sectors and that it couldnt burn. this happened twice already with the same music. so being the sleuth that i am, i tried to burn another audio cd different music. Now the dvd doesnt even recognize my cd’s which are princo’s.
Im using a philips spd2413bd.
its only a couple of months old and ive used it before to burn dvd’s and audio cd’s.
i have 2 dvd burners on my tower. i tried to burn another audio on my second one and it wont recognize the princo’s anymore.
Both burners can recognize previously burnt princos but not the empty ones.

Now question is…is that possible? or am i crazy?
thanks for any ideas/suggestions

no, you are not crazy, you are using princo. better get some higher quality blank disc. for cd-r memorex and maxell are fine. for dvd best to get verbatim, taiyo yuden or sony. also what speed are you burning at if at max try half the top speed of the disc. disable startup programs and limit the amount of running processes during burning. theres alot could be going on try this if you have any questions just ask.

thanks troy