Is it possible for a BenQ 1620 to break down?

I have a BenQ 1620 and Ive been using it for more than 2 years now. It has always been very reliable and I’ve never burned a coaster before.

Two weeks ago, I tried to burn data on a maxell dvd-r at 2.4X speeds. When I tested some of the files in the burned dvd, some of them wouldn’t load or it would load but it was very slow.

Using a cd/dvd cleaner seems to help. I did a test burn and the data was working perfectly. A couple of days later, I burned some data again but the data dvd isn’t working again

Is it broken or is it just dirty? Thanks for the answer.

I resurrected a nec 3550 2 or 3 times with high pressure air, then it srewed up again soon after the last blow out, I disassembled, saw nothing but a little film around where
foam cushion sat against chipsets(outgassing?) laser lens was spotless, on a hunch I used a q tip with a dab of eyeglass cleaner on the lens very gently

burned 50 dvd’s since

one person suggested a real long cue tip and rubbimg alcohol, open tray, powre down computer, use flashlight and see if it could be cleaned

Why would you want to burn Maxell DVD-R at 2.4x?
The 2.4x speed is for DVD+R only, it is a BenQ bug that it burns DVD-R at 2.4x instead of the equivalent, standard 2x speed (with awful results).

Try burning at higher speeds.

The “slower is better” myth doesn’t apply to console backups either. Most burners are optimized for high speed burns nowadays, so you should burn at 8x or 12x (the 16x implementation is buggy on BenQ models before the 1650).

I’ve done something similar to that before. When my ps2 started getting DREs, I openned it up and cleaned the lens.

I’m afraid I might screw things up if I disassemble a dvd burner. Some people say that blowing compressed air into the drive helps. I think I’ll try disassembling it as a last resort.

I did not know that. I’ve followed the “slower is better” myth for 2+ years now. I kinda feel a little dumb :doh:

Better to find out late than never - DVD media generally burns its best between its rated speed and one speed below (for example 16x typically burns best at 8-12x, 8x at 4-8x, etc.). Also, if those discs are 8x, they may be Ritek G05, which is notoriously bad media (many people have had great burns initially, only to fail completely within months). Use a program such as Nero CD-DVD Speed to check the media code. If it’s 16x media, try at 8x, if it’s 8x media try 8x, then see if the discs work ok.