Is it posible to change Burner ID (model) for another one on windows?



I would like to know if there a tool that could allow me change a writer ID for another one. I mean disguise my burner, not a permanent writer ID change.

Its too long to explain but I want to get my Pioneer 107D recognized as a Pioneer 110D for burning software.
Hope you understand me, my english sucks :stuck_out_tongue:


Useless attempt, I believe.

And even more scary, criminals would misuse such “tools” to disguise old burner to sell them as new ones. :frowning:


You got it wrong, its nothing related to selling fake drives.
Someone must be really stupid to buy a “new” burner that need an aplication in order to work.

Im not talking about setting permanently the fake ID.

Lets just forget if its useless or not, is there such tool or not?


If not to sell fake drives, what’s the point ? Showing off ?
Truly, I don’t see any use to this.


Please forget about selling fake drives, the idea is very stupid.


Yeah this idea is stupid, but as I said what’s the point in sticking a DVR110D on a DVR107D ?