Is it posible for CD-R play in old stand alone DVD/CD player?



I was wondering if there is a way that I can back up the Audio CD to CD-R and be able to play on the old DVD or CD stand alone player. I understand that DVD backup it can be done with the bitsetting function on the DVD+R media. I have searched, but I can not find anything.



The way i do it is to do a data disc but this data disc can only be played by computer and nothing els so an audio cd is mostly what u wanta keep it as


Standalone VCD/DVD players can play pure audio discs… well, here it works fine :slight_smile:


Some old DVD players do not have a laser head that is compatible with CD-R dye - they MAY be able to play CD-RW.

In rarer cases, some players can damage data on CD-R - though actual documented examples seem to be rare.


You’ve got more chance using quality media & burn with either a CD writer or a DVD writer that does a good job on CDs. LG & Benq DVD burners fit this latter category from my recent experience.
For media I like the Verbatim range , Pastels & Super AZO in particular.