Is it only US and UK?

These legal issues facing the downloading of movies using p2p and torrent clients, are they only for Hollywood and Uk movies?

does anyone know if these laws apply to downloading movies from other parts of the world which are not to do with Hollywood or UK ?

what about Bollywood or Lollywood movies?

I would imagine that there are legal issues with regards to any copyright material, regardless of where they come from.

If they’re not copyrighted they aren’t an issue?

97% of the materials are copy righted, the difference is just how hard the force these laws.

If you are in the USA, for example, and were downloading an Indian movie, there may be a chance the US distributor of the film could be the one to initiate legal action. But how likely is that? I do not know, like they said previously, it depends on who owns the rights to the film and how aggressive they want to be.