Is it only me who cannot edit posts?

Hehe…I just replied to a thread of mine in gen Hardware forum and cant edit it :confused:n

You should be able to edit your post within 30 minutes IIRC. If it was in that time frame then there is a problem.

Ok I do not see edit buttons for this post as well. Using Mozilla Firefox 2. Let me try with IE

I don´t think this is a browser problem.
After you have posted, look at the bottom right corner of the post…you should see 3 buttons…one is "edit post"
Click, modify your post (include why you did it) and “save changes”

I´m using FF2, but it looks the same on IE6
Like this…

:eek: :eek: :eek:

and here I was about to [B]POST A SCREENSHOT[/B] to be helpful


[B]adding attachments is not possible![/B] :confused: :confused: :confused:

so…something is wrong!

Its missing

Ok now the post that I just made has the edit button but the prior 2 posts dont have it :confused:

Edit: The prior 2 posts in this thread dont have the Edit button…Added this to test edit.

Yes, manage attachments button is still missing.

ExpertTech, as jm1647 said, you cannot edit your posts if they are older than 30 minutes. The edit option is normally only used to fix a typo you have seen, after submitting the post. For anything more than this you can post again to add or explain something that might have changed since your earlier post. :wink:

Aah, got it thanks!

The 30 minute edit limit is good IMO because an edited post does not show up in a scan for new posts. Gives ya time to edit typo boo boos and then as you stated a new post can be done for additional info/explanation posting.