Is it okay to flash my external NEC ND-3500

Hi. It’s been years since I flashed my EXTERNAL USB/FIREWIRE NEC DVD RW ND-3500AG to 2.17 and today I got some 16x DVD-R’s and they won’t burn with DVD Shrink & Nero 7. It says the media type isn’t compatible.

I found software to flash it to version 2.1A here (I’ve since found 2.1B as well on this forum):

The DVD-R’s DO BURN on my internal 2x Toshiba SD-R6112 ATA at 2x, so I KNOW these will burn at a slower speed & it’s not Vista, it’s not the DVD’s being “bad”, it’s probably the firmware being old.

My worry is that on the link above it says:

The above NEC firmware upgrades should not be used with external USB / FireWire drives or with OEM drives from HP, DELL, Medion, Fujitsu, Siemens, Gateway, or any other OEM manufacturer.

I only have a laptop & when I purchased the burner I put it in an external USB/FW case that I purchased.

I realize I MUST have flashed it externally years ago since I’ve never owned a PC desktop, but it says on that link about device location being master or slave and when I go to the Vista Device Manager it says “Location: on USB Mass Storage Device”

Does that even matter? When I open the firmware 2.1A update it finds the burner, but I’m unsure if I have a retail version or OEM. I just bought it from some tech site like newegg and put it in the case and have used it ever since.

Is it okay to flash it even though it’s external?

Hi brettotte, welcome to CDFreaks! :slight_smile:

Most of the times I have flashed my NEC ND-3500AG it has been in an external enclosure (based on Prolific PL3507) connected by USB, and I’v never had a problem.

In my opinion NEC are simply doing a Cover My A** with their description of all the things you shouldn’t do when flashing your drive. There’s always a small risk when you flash firmware to a device, but it’s a small risk, and flashing will probably work even if you don’t follow their strict procedure to the letter.

I second DrageMester’s experience. I have had no trouble with external flashing over USB connections. Just make sure you have no disc in the drive and use the correct firmware .

Thank you both. I updated the firmware already and can finally burn at 12x instead of not at all. This site actually answered my post rather than Afterdawn’s forums.

The DVD-R’s were extremely cheap @ $4.99/50 from Office Depot. They’re RitekF1 which is what I found on a similar thread that the firmware would enable the drive to write to.

It could burn faster, but I have an external 120 gig USB going and external USB/Firewire 3500 and that’s what is slowing it down more than anything, but I’ll take a 7 minute DVD any day.

Now to order more Office Depot DVD’s from BensBargains!

Glad all is well. If it were my drive, and I was stuck with that media, I would limit my burns to 8X just to be safe. Even my high quality MCC and TY media is all burned at 8X.