Is it okay to buy OEM Taiyo Yuden

Is it okay to buy OEM Tauyo Yuden, DVD-R x8 Media Code TYG02. AU$47.50

I Have found these at what i believe to be a reliable source. Im just concered about the OEM. They are about 20 dollars cheaper per 100 than

Genuine Taiyo Yuden DVD-R x16 Media Code TYG03 AU$63

Also Genuine Tayio Yuden DVD+R Media Code YUDEN000T03 are going for just under double the price at AU$75

So basically im after some advice Are the OEM okay to buy, or should i be going with genuine, + or -?

Thank you in advance.

I would closely inspect the media and make sure there are no scratches. Other than that I see no other reason why u cant buy.

PS - I have never heard of an oem Taiyo Yudens, I’ve heard of value lines but never oem’s. Proceed with caution.