Is it okay to burn files that have crc errors?

I’m archiving all the data/personal files cd’s I’ve made from '98-2003 onto a 50gb bluray. Luckily only things like obsolete apps are unrecoverable due to scratches and read errors. Last time I burnt an incomplete file to disc, I got a warning about it, but I’m unsure if it would affect the burn or accessing other files on the disc? The files are too numerous to hunt down and delete, even with a log of them.

Files with CRC-errors are defect and won´t work. Or are these files compressed files with a password?

It have don´t negative effects for the other files but I don´t see a reason for backup defect files.

BTW, if the files are important store it also on other media, I don´t trust BD-media, I have 2,5 year old Ritek BD-media which is not readable anymore

Copy all the files from source CDs to a HDD. Skip any unreadable files. Burn the leftover to BD-R and keep the HDD copy.

This is the way I’ve done it in the past.