Is it okay to ask for a file from a DVD I bought?

I wasn’t entirely sure if this would violate the no downloads rule for things that aren’t free, but here’s my problem:

We bought Heroes on DVD Season 1 and I backed all of the discs up except Disc 4 because there was a file that DVD Decrypter wouldn’t rip. It would just stop 40% in each time.

The file is about 800MB. It’s VTS_01_2

What workaround should I do? Anyone else with the Heroes box set?

Have you tried to rip the disc with a different drive? Check if the disc is dirty or scratched.

If the disc is defective, you can ask for substitution :slight_smile:

They all play fine as we watched them in a DVD player already. They play on the PC as well in different player apps. The disc appears flawless without scratches too. I tried my drive in my laptop as well as my external 16x drive and both stop at about 376MB.

It’d be awesome if someone else had the disc and ripped it and could let me copy it, but I fear that MIGHT violate the rules. Please note I just need this one file, not all of them.

Indeed this is not legal, but you can still try to use another drive to rip your disc.

Maybe you can ask to a friend to use his/her drives :slight_smile:

A different program helps sometimes too. When this happens to me Dvd Fab Decrypter and Ripit4me usually work the best. It takes a lot longer but they usually get the job done.