Is it OK to put 2 Plextor drives on my secondary IDE?



I have a Plextor PX-708A (master) and a PlexWriter Premium (slave) connected to my secondary IDE. My primary IDE is occupied by my 3rd hard drive and my Sony DDU1621. I know Plextor recommends their drives be put on seperate IDE’s and set to master, but given my condition will I encounter any problems if I try to burn discs using both drives at once?


I’ve used a similar configuration just fine. I think I had my PX-708A on Master, and my Premium on Slave, or maybe it was the opposite…Anyways, it should work just fine.


it should be ok as long as you don’t do “ON THE FLY COPYING” but i think as long as the source reader can keep up with the burner speed then you should be ok doing “ON THE FLY COPYING”. :slight_smile:




It should work without a problem. I have four Plextor drives hooked up to my computer, two in master mode and two in slave mode without a problem.


It does work however I get buffer errors at the end of the burn if both drives are burning at the same time. Strange thing is, sometimes I get errors and sometimes I don’t. Note that I’m not doing on-the-fly copying, just burning data/audio from hard disk (RAID 0 setup) to CD.


Well if the two drives are on the same channel and both are burning then I’m not surprised you get buffer underruns. At the end of the burn process the drive is working at maximum speed and it requires a lot of data flow from your computer. And at the end of the write process the drive will close/finalize the disc and the command for that may lock the channel for some time, causing a pause in the data flow.


Would it help if I were to put one of the drives on a different channel?

Here’s my current computer config:

Asus P4C800-E Deluxe

2x hdd RAIDed on ICH5R
1x hdd on SATA
1x hdd(master) and 1x dvd-rom drive(slave) on PRIMARY IDE
1x plextor dvdrw(master) and 1x plextor cdrw drive(slave) on SECONDARY IDE

If I seperate the 2 drives on different channels would this config. eliminate buffer underruns?:

1x plextor dvdrw(master) and 1x hdd(slave) on PRIMARY IDE
1x plextor cdrw(master) and 1x dvd-rom(slave) on SECONDARY IDE


If you want to use two drives at the same time it’s best to install them on seperate channels. I do not know if this will solve your underruns but it’s certainly worth to try.