Is it ok to buy Unbranded TY Media?


#1 is selling a 50 pack without the Spindle of TY, unbranded DVD-R 8x… is this ok? If so, what is the difference between labeled and not labeled?


I buy unbranded TY media (online here in the UK,, and my own opinion is, there’s no difference between branded (Verbatim, Plextor etc) and unbranded TY (in three DVD burners, one CD burner).

Can’t vouch for though, but having said that, I haven’t heard anything bad about the media they sell. :slight_smile:


Just make sure they aren’t selling you TY “Value Line” media as “Grade-A” media – unless that is what you want and the price is right.


Blankmedia is legit, and along with, the only place to buy Taiyo Yuden in Canada imo.

I warn you though, shiny silver discs are dust and fingerprint magnets, which I personally can’t stand. If that bothers you, blankmedia also has hub printable Taiyo Yuden 8X DVD-Rs for $0.55.


Not likely. I have yet to see the value line advertised as anything but 4x. Yeah, you can end up getting 4x, 8x or 16x TY but every site I have seen always lists them as 4x. Anyways @the original post, there is nothing wrong with unbranded TY. IMHO it is actually better since you always know what you are getting each time you order and you don’t have to worry about the extra handling process for labeling. is a well respected Canadian site and they do sell authentic TY (both the premium and the value line). The place where you run into trouble is when you start buying off brands (ie Matrix, Sonic, ect.) that claim to be Taiyo Yuden.


Ok so, how do you know if you’re getting “Premium” or “Value”? I already ordered the DVD-R 8X TAIYO YUDEN SILVER LACQUER (50 PCS) from


As long as you keep then in some kind of careful storeage and don’t put your greasy fingers on them you’ll have a very good disc. I buy a lot from svp and only 1/100 i accidentally drop or something so it might catch a hint of a fingerprint and a bit of dust but nothing that makes it anything far from one of the best discs available :slight_smile: