Is it ok for Wife to come Here also?



My Wife used to Hang out at the Clone Clinic..We like had our seprate Forums & now that the Clone Clinic is closed she feels left out of Life...:frowning:

I told her to come here & She said that would look stupid to have a rag and a ragchick at the same Forum. I told her to change her name & she doesn't want to because she had friends at the Clinic that are now here plus they also go to the Audio Forums she goes to.

What do ya think ?


I say:“get rid of the computers and make some love” :wink:

no seriously, why wouldn’t she come. it’s a great forum.


Why wouldn’t she be welcome…

Everybody who respects the rules is a welcome visitor of this forum I guess…regardless of race, religion sexual preference or marital status :wink:


The more the merrier…


Thanks to all !

Mr rag & Mrs ragchick