Is it normal for Maxwell Cd's to "Smell"!



I recently bought some maxwell cd’s and there is a distince odor to them! Has anyone else had this? I have plenty of dvd’s and cd’s but none smell like this. Allmost like coffee LOL! I can’t put my finger on it. When I take of the Plastic Cover thing It hits you!


lol yup thats the dye coating…perfectly normal…and when you burn them youll smell it more. :wink:

just dont become a huffer like me! :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks! I just never noticed it on any other dvd or cd. Man it’s potent on these!


They must be fresh…


You know you must be at CDFreaks when a group of grown men collect and stand around speaking in hushed tones, then they all fall silent when one of them opens a spindle of freash CDR’s. You can hear them all inhaling in unison. :bow:

Personally, I prefer the smell of TY over Ritek. A more subtle, dreamy aroma. :wink:



Personally I like the heady aroma of Freshly Pressed MCCs…

“best part of waking up is a freshly burned dvd in you dvd burners cup!”


Ironicly it reminds me of folders LOL!


I just got a pack of memorex that smell like burnt popcorn, never had any cdrs that smelt before


Ohhhh!! Nice!


I have been checking out my Cd’s and Dvd’s “Sent” and now i got a headacke! :frowning:


Government Warnings:

Huffing Dvds Can Be Harmful To Your Health!

Just Say No To Dvd Huffing!

This Is Your Brain On BURNT Media!


I’m Going to SUE!


Dont get BAKED smelling your CAKE!


Yep. To me, TY smell coconuts. The Ritek smell is different, but I like it too, finding some odeur orientale in it.


My 50 pack spindle of Memorex DVD+4x Richo’s smell like anti-freeze.


TY as in Taiyo Yuden?

Woah! They do smell like coconuts.



Yeah I also like the smell of TY CD-R discs - Like coconut :slight_smile:

But I like the smell of ritek DVD-R better :wink: Can’t describe the smell but it’s weird and gooooood :stuck_out_tongue:


Your all going to need counceling! :o


CDFreaks is now offering a support group for media sniffers. We call it “Sniffers Anonomous”. The 1st step is to admit you have a problem. :wink:


The good Ritek stuff has a sweet electrical fire smell to it. The Maxell DVD-R media smells of tropical oils - not the distinct coconut of the TY’s, but perhaps more of a guava-mango combination. :slight_smile: The +R media smells like toxic death, but it’s also good stuff. Most CMC media smells acrid - back to the electrical fire but more bitter; and the Ricohs can resemble microwave popcorn.

Over time, we’re going to be able to peg the manufacturer and quality just by smelling the discs! When I smell acrid factory fire smoke - it’s CMC and time to get the fire hose and blow that stuff down the street. But I’ll sit on the deck with the mango-guava-coconut TY/Maxell party and be happy any day of the week.