Is it necessary to use lacque/spray to protect GLOSSY PHOTO type discs?




From your experience with glossy type discs. After printing is really necessary to use a lacque spray to protect printing for a long time?? Is better quality?



Spray can damage the disc’s readability.


mmmm, but if you cover perfectly the read surface before use the spray?

How is the resistance of this glossy surface? Resist yellowing?


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Anybody knows if it’s necessary to use spray with glossy surface discs?


No, it’s not necessary. But I’d still try it to see the difference. :slight_smile:


How do you protect the surface of the disc while spraying??
People say that spray can damage it.


I put it on top of some failed discs in a spindle (cakebox) base. This allows you to rotate the disc in between layers (without touching it), to complement your spraying technique. No problems with underspray this way if you do it right.


Thanks, i will try it


The only real reasons for spraying are: personal taste for the glossy look and to prevent fading of images. Assuming a disc is kept in a closed black case, fading will be pretty minimal. Smudging of the printed surface is another common complaint, but let’s face it, you’re not supposed to be handling discs that way.

BUT, there’s no reason to be using glossy-coated discs if you’re going to spray anyhow. Waste of money.

My personal choice would be not to spray any discs except maybe some CD’s that get used a lot.


is glossy surface more resistant to time?


That’s an open question, as nobody can see into the future. If you’re talking about ink fading, that’s also an unknown. It’ll depend more on your ink than on the surface.