Is it necessary to redo mediaspeed and RPC1 hacks



when i got my 1620 a couple of months ago, i flashed it with the b7t9 cvt and the RPC1 hack. then i used the mediaspeed patch. now if i want to update my firmware to say b7v9 do i have to redo the RPC1 and mediaspeed patch as well. what happens if i just update the firmware from benq’s website, would that rid the drive of its ripspeed and region-free hack. or would it be best to use windwflash with the b7v9RPC1 from and then use alas mediaspeed patch tool again with the b7v9RPC1 exe that i got from dvdpro. anybody can confirm the steps to update firmware once you used mediaspeed and regionfree hack before. thanks.


What’s keeping you from trying it and finding out?


Yes, you would lose the speed hack & region free features if you simply update with factory fw.