Is it necessary to keep PlexTools Open

If I disable the plextools at startup… Will certain functions of the driver be lost or will it always be possible to use them with the other softwares ?

What do you mean exactly? You don’t have to let PlexTools start automatically. You can just start it manually (I do too ;)). Please explain what you’re trying to ask.


PlexTools offer some drive features that might be useful to other programs such as including CD+G in CD copy. Will that option be used in nero for example or is it that the two softwares do not intereact ?

My question is… Can I disable plextools and still get the most out of my drive… ?

PlexTools does not interact with Nero. You need to tweak Nero to get the maximum result out of your drive. When Nero starts you can close the wizard and access the advanced features. Nero has just as many options as PlexTools has. Some features of PlexTools such as the ‘Hide CD-R Media’ option does require the software to be running.