Is it Nec ND7543A or is it AD7543A?

The store says it’s NEC ND-7543A! Is it possible or is it AD-7543A?

BTW, what do you recommend: an ND-7543A (aka perhaps AD-7543A) or a ND7540A (aka perhaps AD-7540A)?

UPDATE: I was looking for the differences and it seems that the ND-7543A just adds Labelflash at the ND-7540A… Is it right?


The official name (at least according to what the firmwares say) is Optiarc AD-7543A (or maybe 7540). Previous drives sold under the NEC brand were called NEC ND-XXXXA (or ND-XXXXS for SATA drives). But whatever your shop calls it, shouldn’t matter as it’s all the same drive.

It’s correct. Labelflash is the only difference between 7540 and 7543. You need to decide yourself if it’s worth spending money for this feature. To be honest, I wouldn’t pay for it at all - just like Lightscribe.

Thanks Liggy! I’ve posted this because If there is necessary to change the drive “primary Master” to “secondary“ master then the only way is to use the Normal ATA (master) or the Reverse ATA (slave) mode software! Can this software be applied to both the ND or AD NEC models?

(I like to be prepared before buy the things! :stuck_out_tongue: )

The Labelflash technology… I do follow your way of thinking! It’s unnecessary! But… there’s always one but… the NEC ND-7540A 8x Slim Dual Layer Black Bulk on the store costs 60.5€ and the NEC ND-7543A 8x Slim Dual Layer Black Bulk just costs 54.5€… So the drive with the Labelflash is cheaper and so on there’s no doubt what to choose! :smiley:


You cannot change any IDE drive between primary and secondary but only between master and slave.

Ya. You’re right Liggy. Thanks! It’s just from master to slave or vice versa!
There’s 2 IDE channels and each one should have a master and a slave! On a desktop pc that’s easy to see on the cables but in a laptop it’s quite difficult! :doh:

But is there any way that I can see how my present drive is settled? If it’s in master or slave?
NEC drives comes as master, isn’t it right?
You’ve also said that this problem is usual in Toshiba laptops!!! Are they the only ones making drives as slaves? Is there any response from them to do that?

I’m going to buy a Toshiba laptop for my sister and then I was thinking of change the drives… But if there’s a need to change master to slave or slave to master of each drive I’m gonna really buy the NEC drive! It’s too much work! :bigsmile:

Now it makes me some light! That is why I’ve always heard that the Toshiba laptops have to have Toshiba drives and nothing else! :Z (Well for the people that don’t know how to make changes on pc it’s just like that… Because I’m guessing that for you there is noting that can’t be done in pc drives :cool: ). I’ve supposed that this problem on Toshiba laptops was because of the drives size differences but it looks it isn’t because of that! Am I right?


Hi Liggy! How are you?

I was killed tonight!!! :sad:
After my QSI SDW-041 had killed 3 DVD+RW Sony medias (s11 label) during this day I’ve say to myself: "Men, that’s tomorrow that you go to the garbage!!! You aren’t going joke with me any more day!"
I was so glad because I was going to buy the NEC AD-7543 tomorrow!!! And I say “was” because, prudently, I’ve searched from some pictures of this slim NEC DVDRW! And I’ve found it:

[B]So the problem is that the pictures from my drive:[/B]

there’s a big big problem. The electronic connector don’t stays at the same position from the one on my drive. Mine QSI has the connector on the middle a detached outside and the NEC drive has the connector on the right side and it’s inside the drive!
So now I’m really pissed off because I have to stay with this piece of crap of the QSI! :a :a :a :a :a
So , can you say to me what should I do? Or what drive should fit on my laptop?
I just want to :Z

Any help with this would be very nice! Thanks!

To me it looks like your drive might also have the same connector like the 7543. There’s just an additional adapter wrapped around it. Similar to what you can see in my NEC ND-7551A review (third picture from the bottom). I’m sure you can unscrew it and then see the same interface that the 7543 has.

Ya Liggy. Once again you’re quite right! Thanks! When I get the drive out I really was shocked! But there’s a plastic adaptor on it! Gonna buy this stiff then and then I’ll say how is the stuff!

Thanks men!

All slim ½" (laptop) drives have JAE50 connector at same position (it’s standard). Laptop manufasturers then arrange additional lines/connector to suite the layout of laptop. :slight_smile:

i. e. you can take any compatible slimdrive and mount it in your old slimdrive “casing”.

One just needs to make sure not to mix up slimline and ultra-slim drives.


Hi there!

Well here I am to tell the novelties!!! I’ve bought the slim drive AD-7543A and the only thing I have to say is: AWESOME! :bow: I had to put the connector that was on the old drive, put it on the new place and the windows had recognized the drive immediately!
My old drive is now a piece of junk! I’ve also get the frontal part of the old drive and I’m going to try to put it on the NEC drive! Not yet because I wanna see if it’s everything alright!
But this NEC is very good… I can read DVD that the old drive said there were errors on it! Burning is very reliable (and also fast :clap: ) so I’m very happy with it!
I’m gonna try now with old dvd media that it’s very scratched and gonna see what is the result!
Thanks to all and especially to you Ligy! Keep on the good work!

PS: Not yet tried the labelflash if it works! But who cares! The drive works…that’s all!