Is It Nd-3500ag Or Nero Or Me

My name is steve and I am a first time user of this forum so hello.

My problem is that having bought and installed an ND-3500AG and an
ARTEC DHM-G48 and using NERO 6. I could not fast copy from my source
Drive to my destination having spoken to the ND3500 supplier he suggested that I
Upgraded the nero 6 as new updates were always being written I went from 6.3 to 6.6
And now I can copy Cd’s straight from the Artec to the 3500 with no problem but
The DVD’s come up with the same response every time

#1 text 0 file reader.cpp,line 127
Reader running

#2 text 0 file DVDcopy.cpp, Line 279
DVD track-information from source disc
No tracks detected

#3 text 0 file DVDcopy.cpp, line 286
Block size of track is not of data mode (-1)

#4 CDCOPY –31 file DVDCopy.cpp, line 288
Cannot copy this disc to a DVD

Is this something that has happened to anyone else any suggestions?
Yours hopefully

You get that message because your dvd-reader isn’t fast enough to feed the dvd writer with data.

I can copy dvd on-the-fly with a Toshiba 1612 j004 firmware (speedhacked to 16x), but I get the same error message when I use a Liteon 166s, also speedhacked to 16x.

Nero have a list of drives performance, which it uses to determine the drives capabilities.

Thanks for the quick reply jbv the ARTEC is supposed to be a 16x reader do you think that there is anything that I can do to it to improve it’s performance.

Are you trying to copy movies, or what? You can’t really copy encrypted discs on the fly. Many readers only read video at low speeds. Please provide more info about what you are doing.

A quick solution within Nero is to RIP to hard drive than BURN from hard drive. It’s an option on the disk copy screen…

As rdgrimes said, you can’t copy DVD movies on the fly. You have to shrink it to fit to a dvd-/+r.

Look in the transcoding forum for more information.

Dvdshrink 3.2 is free and you can use it to rip and transcode a dvd movie.

Welcome to the forum.

The dvd’s that I am trying to copy are not copy written my son has copied the
Same dvd’s at his house on the fly with no problems at all but thank’s for the hint about dvdshrink

Even if your ARTEC dvd reader is 16x dvd reader, it starts reading much slower.

Use cd/dvd speed from Nero, and make a transfer rate test.

That will give you a idea of the readers capablities.

Nero CD Speed Test results

General Information

Operating System Windows 2000 Professional
Firmware Version 7.92
Serial Number
Disc DVD+R
Capacity 2.75 GB

Transfer Rate

Start 2.28x
End 5.34x
Average 4.15x
Type CAV

Seek Times

Random 83 ms
1/3 90 ms
Full 1999 ms

CPU Usage

1X 23 %
2X n/a
4X n/a
8X n/a


Burst Rate 25440 KB/sec

Spin Up/Down Times

Spin Up Time 3.93 sec
Spin Down Time 1.24 sec

Load/Eject Times

Load Time 2.10 sec
Eject Time 3.20 sec
Recognition Time 7.07 sec


Time Elapsed Action
[20:54:36] Starting Transfer Rate Test
[21:03:29] 8:53 Speed:2-5 X CAV (4.15 X average)
[21:03:29] Starting Seek Times Test
[21:03:38] Random Seek: 83 ms
[21:03:47] 1/3 Seek: 90 ms
[21:07:07] 3:37 Full Seek: 1999 ms
[21:07:07] Starting CPU Usage Test
[21:07:28] CPU usage at 1X: 23 %
[21:07:47] CPU usage at 2X: n/a
[21:08:20] CPU usage at 4X: n/a
[21:09:03] 1:56 CPU usage at 8X: n/a
[21:09:03] Starting Burst Rate Test
[21:09:09] 0:05 Interface burst rate: 25 MB/sec (25440 KB/sec)
[21:09:09] Starting Spin-Up/Down Test
[21:09:14] Spin-up time: 3.93 seconds
[21:09:25] 0:16 Spin-down time: 1.24 seconds
[21:09:25] Starting Load/Eject Test
[21:09:30] Eject time: 3.20 seconds
[21:09:32] Load time: 2.10 seconds
[21:09:39] 0:14 Recognition time: 7.07 seconds

The results of the test from the artec drive do you think that this could be
the trouble

Yes, your drivs is not fast enough to copy on the fly.

The problem is from start 2.28x to the point where the drive reaches 4x reading speed.

With a full dvd+r or dvd-r 4.3 gb your drive probably will end at 8x reading speed.

Most drive only support 16x on single layer dvd-rom.

That’s why I use speedhacked firmware.

Sure it is : it says so in your test !! :iagree:
Tranfer rate : 2.28 - 5.34 average 4.15 : this is a rather slow drive for DVD-Video reading.
With this drive, you won’t be able to “copy on the fly”. :frowning:

Better is : rip to HD and process from there.

I would s***can the old drive and use the NEC for ripping and burning with a rip-speed unlocked firmware. Or buy a fast ripping drive.

Thank you everybody I will go out to the sales and buy one that’s a little better any recommendations???

Try aopen 1648/aap.
Copy’s at 8x on the fly too nec3500 no problem. :smiley: