Is it my Problem or is it Normal when I use PX-760SA?

I have PX-760SA and I use Plextools Professional XL version 3.10 for burnuing CDs and DVDs.

When It tries to burn a DVD it will do an odd action.
This strange action happens when it wants to write Lead-IN.
It starts to write Lead-in and then speeds up and then suddenly stops.
Again it speeds up and stops.This action happens for about 5 times and after this session the normal writing will continue and the data will be writen on the DVD or CD.

But when this Writer wants to write LEAD-OUT this action won’t happen and the lead-out will be written without any pauses or stops.

Is it normal?

Have you ever experienced it?

I look forward to hearing from you.

My LG does that too.
I think the drive writes a small part of data on the disc’s reserved calibration area to ensure good quality.

So it is normal to Write and stop and again write and Stop for about 5 times before starting the real burning.

Doesn’t this action harm the DVD Writer?

It is strange to me.


My LiteOns do the same, which extends the burn time a fair bit. But as long as the burns are fine, I don’t tend to take much notice. :slight_smile:

That might also be the drive checking the AutoStrategy database.

It’s probably creating a new entry for any new brand.

Its Autostrategy kicking in before the burn. You can try to disable autostrategy and see if it changes that behaviour.