Is it my DVD Burner or DVD Player/Recorder that is the problem?



Ok, I use Sony 4X DVD+RW Discs to burn movies onto. I use Roxio or DVD Fab.

My Computer burner is LG 4167.
My DVD Player/Recorder is a Liteon DD 100GX I bought from Best Buy two years ago.

For the past 6 months, when I use brand new RW disc to burn a movie onto, I stick it in my Liteon and I ge the dreaded “Invalid disc” error. THis only happens with RW discs. -R and +R discs seem fine.

Anyway after I eject the invalid disc, I stick it in my LG burner, but the disc no longer works anymore, it just keeps spinning. SO I put it back in my Liteon, I use Liteon’s erase featur, it still will not work. These past two days I have done through two brand new RW discs. Liteon is doing somehting to my disc to make them unreadable in my computer burner.

What is going on?

IS my computer LG DVD unit the culprit?

Or is it my Liteon?


My vote would be that the problem is the DVD’s… Not many folks here, recommend using RW media, except perhaps for testing. Just use +r or -R media


Not all DVD players will work with RW disc, yours is probably one of them.
To your second question of “Liteon doing something”, do this.
Burn your RW, remove it from burner and place it back in, try to access it from the drive and see if it works, than put it in Liteon and back to burner, see if it is the same.


Thank you all, you are right, my LG burner is hit or miss (mostly miss)with these SOny DVd RWs. Thankfully SOny has a lifetime warranty I do I get 5 pack replacements from them.