Is it my drive or the firmware? (16P9S can't hit 16x)

maybe it’s my drive but from 2.5gb massive speed drops using pressed dvd sl/dl (dvdrs have less than 200 pif)

using 16x for all cept rw and dvdrdl

my now dead ddu1611 reads better than this. i’m now doing it at 12x for all cept pressed dvdsl

so is it the drive or my drive?

why are my posts ignored? will there be a efficient f/w? while it’s great that it can do 16x almost everything it’s reading sucks. is it my drive or are there others?

The reason you posts are not been answered is because they are not questions that anyone can answer. How would we know if there is going to be other firmware releases. How would we know if your drive is faulty or not. Have you provided scans of your reads? Do you have other drives that can read at 16x?

Please don’t pollute threads with these sorts of questions and comments like “why are my posts ignored”. They are never ignored. It usually means nobody has an answer…

no this is my only drve that’ll do 16x for dvdr media i could use the riplock patches for my burner but that’s why i got this for

Strange…but it really is important that the discs are clean/have low PI/F
I’ve found alot of discs that have significant slow down at ~3.5GB or right at the ends - only my taiyo yuden (i dont have many :confused: ), verbatim mcc and ricoh discs can even read back at full speed upto the end.

All my pressed SL though seem to read back extremely well even with the stock firmware. pressed DL is definitely better at 14x rather than 16x though.

Here’s some more snapshots…
pic 1 - TDK ttg01 4x dvd-r - 16x read patch
pic 2 - verbatim mcc 4x dvd-r - 16x read patch
pic 3 - verbatim 4x dvd+RW - 16x read patch
pic 4 - verbatim mcc 4x dvd-r with 12x read patch

What does the Nero CD-DVD Speed burst rate test say about you ROM drive?

25mb/s burst rate

cdr @ 40x

dvd+r memorex prodisc r04 16x @ 12x

dvd-r verbatim mcc03 16x @ 16x

dvd+r verbatim mcc 004 16x @ 16x

dvd-r verbatim mcc02 8x @ 8x

that sucks seems that it prefers good media. my old ddu1611 had very good read curves regardless of media.

more to come

can’t do quality scans. says that there’s no media in drive

Now show us a Nero quality scan of the DVD shown above.

which one?

The first one in the large scan.

dvd-r prodisc mcc01 4x @ 4x

are you doing anything else while scanning? i always set cd-dvd-speed to high priority in task manager !

it’s normal

ima just leave it at 12x for r and r dl media. better reads and almost same times

your 2nd large pic - at the end the slow down is definitely the drive. But the other small jumps may not be, might be a cpu usage issue (just browsing the net can make it jump).

here’s another good disc - mxlrg03 Maxel 8x dvd-r made in Japan - sold in jewel cases in Australia.

NERO QUALITY SCAN using your DVD writer, not the transfer rate test

read the other post

well i sent the RMA request anyway ima look for a 167t or 166

hmm seems to do 14x better
can’t even do 16x pressed discs lol

anyway it’s going back

Thread split.


1/ Please be patient, and please take the time to look into things carefully before posting. After reading these posts and a number of your other threads where you have stirred negative responses from other forum members, I can say that if you wish for forum members to be more helpful and respectful with you, you should first start to take some initiative of your own.

2/ You are perfectly capable of doing a CD Speed Disc Quality Scan. In fact, I’ve seen you post such scans in other sections of the CD Freaks forums.

3/ You also have another drive that is capable of doing 16x reads (BenQ 1620), so you could compare your results with that drive’s results to see if the problem is with your drive or with the media that you are using. Poorly burned media will not read at 16x, neither will poorly-produced pressed discs (I’ve had pressed discs that will not do 16x in any drive because they were poorly made and were slightly unbalanced), and if poor media is indeed the cause of the slowdowns and unstable reads, then it’s not the firmware’s fault and not the drive’s fault. If you get a new drive, you’ll see the same thing.

4/ As requested a number of days ago in another thread where you posted CD Speed scans, please do not use such large images, and please post in the PNG format! This is usually not a big deal, and it is common (and quite excusable) for a newbie to do this, but you are not a newbie. You continue to use large images and JPEGs despite having been requested by other members and moderators not to do so and despite the fact that you have over 300 posts and have been around here for some months now.