Is it my drive or a software problem?

After using VSO ConvertX2DVD, it will not burn the converted movie…No matter what brand of disk I use, I get a message that disk is incompatible with the drive. I have used Memorex, Maxell, Tevion and Verbatim. On the Verbatim, it say’s the disk is not empty, when it’s a brand new disk!!

This problem just started 1 day ago so I was wondering if maybe it is with the VSO software, or the drive going bad. Any help would be appreciated from you wonderful experts out there. Thanks.

What version of ConvertXtoDVD are you using?? They do have a version 4 out now. Also since we don’t know what file format your working makes it hard to know what your doing? Also You don’t state if they file even played or ran properly in whatever format you have it in?? More info and specs is needed to give more help by just giving use general problems you will get general solutions that may or may not be the right one.

I did use the new version 4 Of ConvertXtoDVD but the problem remained. The file played fine after d/l’g it and playing it from my HD. It was an .avi file and those files always burned fine for me until now. However, I tried the same movie on my Toshiba laptop, converted it, and it burned fine, therefore it must be a problem with the drive. Thanks for your help. The pc in question is a Dell Dimension desktop and I will have to call Dell to see what they have to say, since the pc is still under warranty. Thanks for your response.