Is it my burner, software or media? Need help

Hello I am having a burning issue. I use clone dvd. I will copy a disk it will get threw the ripping process then stall at the writing portion. Sometimes it will write a little onto a disk and sometimes it won’t at all. This has just started to happen. I just placed an order for a few dif media. Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim to name a couple. Does anyone have any suggestion?

I am using
Pentium 4 processor
MSI 915P motherboard
2 GB kingston ddr2
ATI PCI Express video card
600w power supply
1 raptor 10,000 hard drive 74gb
2 external wester digital hard drives 150gb and 250gb
also use a liteon dvd-rom
Windows XP pro SP2

A couple things I have tried so far is checnging the temp directory from my external HD to my raptor. Did not seem to work. I am trying as I type a different speed. I ordered 8x but I noticed that sometimes 8x ain’t always what you get. If this does not work I am going to try my other new pioneer burner dvr-109(black) If that don’t work then my last resort is to wait for my new media to get here and try it.

Any help is welcomed. Please feed me your experience/advice!

thanks everyone

P.S. I am really new to posting so if I brok some kinda code of forum ettiquete I am sorry. Please show forgivness. Thanks again. :slight_smile:

Use high quality media and burn at 4x. Make sure the optical drive is running in DMA mode in Device Manager.

I use Ritek Ridata 8x. Is this not worthy media? Always running in DMA mode. And why burn in 4x? I been burning in 8x for a while now without a hitch. I am really not looking to take a step back.

Just to keep everyone up to date on my problem.
I just burned a sucessfull DVD using a sony brand media. I had to burn at 2x though. This was an old brand I found in my storage cabinet. I also burned a successfull Data CD. Just leaves the Ritek Ridata’s not working. Is it possible for an entire 50 spindle to go bad?


Is it possible for an entire 50 pack dvd spindle to be bad?

I dont know as you didnt mention what type of media was that you bought?

That would be first for me unless that media was of poor quality made. But make sure you check your firmware on your burner. Media and Speed burn do matter on the burn.

[Quote=] Is it possible for an entire 50 spindle to go bad? [/Quote]
Anything is possible but very unlikely for the entire 50 spindle to go bad!

[Quote=] If this does not work I am going to try my other new pioneer burner dvr-109(black) [/Quote]
Yes it’s a good idea to try your other burner and see if it will burn it. For Ritek media I always found my (Beige) Pioneer to burn it well, never had much luck burning it with my (Black) one. :slight_smile:

Ritek RiDATA 8x White printable top. And then? :slight_smile:

How do you check what firmware version you have?

Use Nero Info Tool.

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its quite possible depending on who made them. I bought 2x50 spindles of dvd’s used 2 discs and now the other un opened spindle is used as a door stop

If you reveal what you are doing with the disks that made you decide they are bad, more asssitance would then be forthcoming.

In other words, give us the rundown on your backup procedure so we can help find the problem. Sometimes it something other than the disks themselves that are the problem.

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I am making sotrage backups of my lossless video files. I am using nero to do this with.
Media in question is Ritek RiDATA 8x. I have tried storing music as well. Also tried to make a dvd copy of a video I made a while back. I am using CloneDVD2 to do this.

I am until November 2nd (estimated delivery date)waiting for the other DVD media to get here. Verbatim and Taiyo yuden 8x DVD+R and DVD-R. I am getting annoyed by this problem. Any suggestions will be helpfull.

I am pretty sure I mentioned this before. A sony DVD-R media did work successfully as did 3 regular CD’s. Everything appears to burn good accept the ritek. I just don’t see how an entire 50 stack of riteks can be bad.


Ritek aren’t highly regarded by a lot of people (myself included).

Possibly your burner doesn’t get on well with them, either. How did your Pioneer do with the Riteks? Any better than the LiteOn?

If the answer is not good, then I’m afraid you’re stuck with waiting for your new media to arrive.

Also, I don’t see any mention of your firmware, which I believe you were advised to check. I would check this, as there may be a firmware update that will enable you to burn your remaining Riteks.

Firmware is up to date I believe. v. 1.18. I have used ritek for some time now without problems. Not sure what else to try.

If your firmware is up to date, then that’s OK - one less thing to worry about :slight_smile:

I think the only option left is to wait and see how better media performs. :wink:

And you don’t necessarily have to burn your new media at 4x. Although this may help with the Ritek discs.

I tried 4x, 6x, 8x and 12x. None of them worked. If the other 2 media I tried worked then to me that is screaming that it’s just bad media. I just still can’t wrap my head around a 50 spindle all being bad. I sure got ripped off. That bugs me.

Can you all recomend some good places to buy media online?

Where are you located?