Is it Me? or Memorex?

Hello all, first time poster here. I’ve read alot of threads all over this site and I thank everyone for all the information that has been collected.

The issue I’m having (as my title suggests) involves DVD+R DL CD’s by Memorex. Are they complete crap or is there something I’m completely overlooking foolishly? Before I go too much further into the problem, my specs are this:

Dell Latitude D610
Intel 1.8 cpu
2 GB Ram
XP Pro (all the updates and service packs)

My DVD burner is This

I’m using the bundled Nero that came with the burner. Burning on regular cd’s and dvd’s (a few different brands) with the ASUS is fine, but when it comes to the Memorex DL disks, it’s like once and done. I’ve put some files onto the disk, and erased it (just some burn tests), then the disk fails to be recognized. Error messages saying the disk cannot be erased or formatted using Roxio, and messages saying there is no disk inserted using Nero’s Disk Info.

do u mean DVD+RW? cuz dual layer disks cannot be erased once written onto.

oh btw. memorex is not a very good brand for any kind of media. Try verbatim you might have better luck.

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

You definitely mean DVD+R DL, right? I ask because they’re only write-once, they can’t be erased after use like a CD-RW or DVD-/+RW disc can. :slight_smile:

And Memorex aren’t highly regarded around here…for DL media, Verbatim make the best.

Edit: if you’re talking about DVD-/+RW, try a format with ImgBurn, it often succeeds where Nero fails.

I have not had good results with Memorex Media and Memorex DVD+R DL is made by Ritek D01. The big problem with Memorex Media is you never are sure what you will get. I had very poor results with Memorex DVD+RW and now will not buy them.

Read this

Wow, thank you for the quick responses and media recomendations. Yes, it is a DVD +R DL and I wrongfully thought it was re-writable (musta been drunk) :o .

I :bow: to you all and thank you. Verbatim it shall be :slight_smile:

Hehe :bigsmile:…no problem, happy burning!