Is it me, or is the SH-S223Q as bad as I experienced?

I couldn’t believe the extremely POOR quality burns coming off this burner. I burned at least 10 pieces each of Sony DVD- and + R 16x…not one passed above 50% quality rating. Only once, did I achieve a 95% on Taiyo Yuden 16X DVD-R. This drive was SO bad…I returned it the next day…ugh! Any recommendations for a 22X burner???



There are three main factors that make a good burn: the firmware, the disc and the burning speed.

If you use ugly quality discs, you cannot have good quality burns. No firmware is able to do magic… an ugly disc will remain ugly.

So, don’t blame the drive, the real culprit is the disc :slight_smile:

Moreover, the best quality usually (not always) can be obtained burning at 12x or 8x, so don’t expect excellent results if you want burn at 22x, at least not with Sony discs :wink:

However, my SH-S203B does burn the Sony media much better…just picked up the Q for a second drive…dramatic difference between the two drives

Probably the firmware needs some improvements in the writing strategies :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=bobmitch;2168988]Any recommendations for a 22X burner?[/QUOTE]

None for the moment, but you can see this LG, looks a little better than the samsung.

In my humble opinion the SH-S223Q is one of the best burners I ever had,
and this also proves that the Verbatim from India are good quality:
Verbatim MCC 004 / India burned on SH-S223Q fw sb02 with 8x

Curiosity was killing me. All the reviews have been positive…Newegg has it as an award winner…and the one that I tried was NOT good. So I went back and got a second unit today (12/18). This time…I flashed the firmware by downloading it, rather than the live update by Samsung. Gritted my teeth, because when you flash anything with Vista 64 bit…it’s an adventure. Sucessfully flashed to the 02 firmware and lo and behold…this drive is more consistent. Not totally up to my SH-S203B, but unfortunately…the old 20x drive passed away last evening…it it’s sleep. I have never mourned the passing of a DVD burner…but this thing was incredible for a year and a half. Now, it can’t close any disk with more than 4 GB of data on it. Disks were coming out of the drive, still spinning…ouch…you should see what it has done to some of my disks.

Long story short…is that there is a dramatic difference from the first 223Q and this new one. I hope they continue to work on the firmware…getting close…but not quite there yet.

And YES…it does born Sony (ugh) decently…not like Taiyo Yuden…but certainly in the low 90’s


I have one of these drives coming from Newegg now. Which firmware and where was it that you downloaded it from? I only find ST00 and SB00 when I visited the Samsung website

Go Here:

On the top menu, there will be the word FIRMWARE…highlight with your mouse and a dropdowm menu shows up…drag the mouse to FIRMWARE DOWNLOADS. ST02 is the top download. Make sure to unpack the file and you will see the flasher and .bin file inside a folder.

Follow these instructions:

And you will be able to flash to ST02

Good Luck


So the newegg OEM drive is an ST model? I went ahead and downloaded the file, SH-S223Q_ST02.exe, but how does one “unpack” the file. I tried right clicking the file but winzip doesn’t see it as a compressed file.

Okay I figured out how to use 7-zip and got the 2 files and now understand the steps of creating a nocheck shortcut so will report back once new drive arrives and I get my Vista X64 system running

I use WinRAR, however…try this

Open WinZip first. Then search for the file…open it and you should see contents. Then unpack into it’s own folder…

I flashed my OEM with this firmware…all is good…

Oddly enough Winzip just doesnt like the file. I used 7zip and it worked and also tried the file with Winrar and it can open the file up as well. No idea why winzip is fussy but I got the files extracted and going to stick them on a usb drive so I have a portable folder that has all the files rdy to go.

Don’t forget to follow the “Don’t Check” instructions…or the flash won’t work. Let me know how it comes out…


Well my drive arrived today. Reading the label on it it says its model SH-S22Q/BEBS F/W SB02 and its dated as Dec 2008. Do you think its worth it to use the “-no check” and flashing to the ST02 Firmware or should I just be happy Iand not even mess with the firmware for now?


try the drive with the original firmware first. I wouldn’t expect much advantage of ST firmwares.


Will also post this in the New Firmware thread but noticed when I visited Samsungs ODD page:
There is a new SB03 firmware file for the SH-S223Q dated 1-28-09. The only thing I saw under info when I clicked the link under specifications was “Product performance”

[QUOTE=TheBratboy;2213354]Will also post this in the New Firmware thread but noticed when I visited Samsungs ODD page:
There is a new SB03 firmware file for the SH-S223Q dated 1-28-09. The only thing I saw under info when I clicked the link under specifications was “Product performance”[/QUOTE]Was already posted a week ago.

Oh well hadn’t been by recently so I didn’t realize.