Is it me or is it broken



Hi I am new to this forum thing so please bear with me. I bought an NEC AD7170A on the weekend to suppliment my cdrom burner I connected it up jumpered as the master the cd burner the slave all seemed well as my XP pro sp2 said hello and welcomed it to the fold and the the fun commenced it wont play audio cd’s it wouldn’t play dvd’s as I had no decoder softwear installed. I bought InterVideoXPack and now it plays dvd’s at about 48 times the speed and will occasionaly give you a picture to look at and it won’t autorun anything. I have admittedly a fairly old PC it has a AMD Duron 1.3GHz 762 ram max the board will take any suggestions? :confused:


Ok Guys I have now removed the drive as the man from NEC thinks it’s as big a bag of sh1t as I do all I have to do is get the company I bought it from to replace it or give me my money back I wont hold my breath on that one! just InterVideo to sort out now!