Is it legal to upload songs from Youtube for use on my MP3 Player?

I’m wondering if it’s possible (and legal) for me to upload songs from YouTube so I can use them on my MP3 Player?

I don’t know how to do it nor do I know whether or not it’s legal.

If it’s legal could someone tell me how to upload tunes for use on my MP3 Player. Thanks

The legality will depend a lot on what songs you’re interested in capturing the audio tracks of. For private personal use, the legality of capturing the audio tracks is little different to hooking up a tape recorder to a TV to record the audio from.

The main problem you’ll likely encounter is the audio quality will not be great, certainly not anything like music obtained from an official source, since YouTube uses a rather low bitrate on its music.

Before you can extract the audio, the first thing you’ll need is a tool to download the YouTube video you’re interested in. This will result in an FLV file being saved. Afterwards, you need a tool to export the sound track to MP3 before you can play it on your MP3 player.

My favourite downloader is the DownloadHelper add-on for Firefox (link), which is freeware. You need to use the Firefox web browser for this to work. Once installed, open up the YouTube video you’re interested in. A small multicolour icon will start rotating next to the homepage icon. Click the down-arrow next to this, select the YouTube FLV file and then click ‘Download’.

Next, you need a tool to export the sound track from the FLV file. The freeware utility WinFF will do this (link) In this utility, add the FLV(s) you downloaded, select “Audio” in the “Convert To…” drop-down and select “MP3” for the Device Preset. Select the output folder and then click ‘Convert’. :wink:

Sean, thank you for the very precise instructions. I need things put to me this way…very clear and very precise. I will give it a go and see what happens. My biggest concern is, as you say, the quality of the audio. But we’ll see how that turns out.

One last question concerning the legality. I don’t want to do this if it’s not legal. You said " the legality will depend a lot on what songs you’re interested in capturing the audio tracks of" My question is this, how will I know what I can and cannot legally download the audio from?

Again, thank you for taking the time to provide me with an answer. I appreciate this forum tremendously and rely on it often for technical guidance.

This is the method I use.
I now use IE for this.

  1. Click Tools – Internet Options
    2.Delete your temporary internet files.This way the new tif’s will be the current ones on the YouTube video .
  2. In the General Tab, click the Settings button available in the Temporary
    Internet Files group.
  3. Click View Files to open your Temporary Internet Files folder.
  4. Click View Sort by : Size / Descending.Because the file is usually one of the largest.Depending upon the webpage, there could one or more Flash files
    (Shockwave Flash Object ,FLV,MP4,etc) This includes MP4 file.
    You have to wait for the video on the web site to finish.
  5. Once you find the right flash file, right-click and choose Copy. Then paste
    the MP4(in this case)file in any other directory.
    On YouTube you need to select HQ to get an MP4 from the video.
    If HQ is not available the file will usually be .flv.
    I then convert the .mp4 or .flv Audio to .mp3 with Format Factory/Audio/ All to MP3.
    I don’t have the WinFF suggested by Seán .I bet it would work also.
    This method just eliminates the need for a seperate downloader or addon.
    If the HQ is available on the YouTube video the you start with a better quality .mp4.
    I haven’t tried but there is a method for doing this with other browsers including FireFox.

On the legality .It’s probably a violation of copyright in most cases.Unless the audio is not a copyrighted song.
Those would probably be very old songs or unknown artist trying to get their music out in public.
That would include other people singing copyrighted songs without permission.

I use Tunebite for downloading videos from youtube and other sites and I really like it cause it converts the files automatically while downloading. Just browse in IE the video u like and then select it from tunebite’s view list and then download it. It’s very easy, u don’t have to be a geek in pcs and u’ll have the desired video.
About legality, I think that if u use a soft or smth which just records the video u want and after that u keep it just for ur personal use and not sharing it with another persons, then is legal. It’s just like old times when u recorded songs from radios on tapes.
Hope this helped u a little bit. :wink:

Personal use, no. Not illegal.

BUT you can not share it, even for free. Can’t give it ur friend.

[QUOTE=ManaKultras;2551760]Personal use, no. Not illegal.

[B]BUT you can not share it, even for free.[/B] Can’t give it ur friend.[/QUOTE]

Probably depends on the country laws where you live too…

Thanks to all…

[QUOTE=ManaKultras;2551760]Personal use, no. Not illegal.

That’s not really the case as a lot of the content is subject to copyright restrictions and may also have been uploaded without the copyright holders permission.

YouTube remove uploads when they’re notified of infringements but the illegal content remains until they’re made aware of it.


I use Freecorder. I find it the best out of all the recorders that i have been able to find because it not only can capture the video but it also has an option to just catch the mp3 and only do audio. Plus it goes one up on most other recorders in that it records from the sound card instead of taking a mic so the quality is about as good as you can get from youtube without any unwanted background sounds you might accidentally make while recording audio.

I been using with no problem, there is an option to download three songs at the same time which I find useful.

You can do this for your private personal use.

You can download Realplayer. It has a download, convert and serves as a thign to watch it on too

The topic title itself is misleading:

"Re: Is it legal to upload songs from Youtube for use on my MP3 Player? "
“upload” must be replaced by “download”.

As far as I know it’s a grey area. Since it’s a video posting
site. I think it’s in the same category as dvr’s or something.:smiley:

I use Rhapsody and the terms of use on that service seem to suggest only personal use nothing outside of personal use and you can’t share the digital content say if like you download a track and pay the monthly fee and then convert that *.wma file at least that’s my understanding is they don’t care as long as your not sharing it or selling it besides there are law’s which allow capture of audio but for personal use as well such as AHR Act (Audio Home Recording Act).

Yeh,but youtube is kind of like recording
from a video service to a dvr.That was BURNS question.
As far as I know it’s okay?

At first it depends on the county where you are living.

Exact: Your Citizenship.

Yes it is illegal to download songs from youtube to you mp3player. But even if you do it, DO NOT SHARE IT with anyone!