Is it legal to rip your copyrighted CDs to your hard drive?

I have a big origional music CD collection of my favourite artists and most of these CDs are copyrighted and I want to know is it legal to rip my CDs with a ripping program onto my PCs hard drive so I can listen to them from my PC? Or would this be considered illegal because most of the CDs are copyrighted? And if this is legal could someone recommend a CD ripping program?

Ripping them should not be a problem as long as you own the original.
Making them available for upload or share them otherwise may be illegal, depending on the country you live in.

I do the same, I have my entire CD collection ripped to my HDD - clicking on a file beats digging the discs out everytime you want to listen to something.

You can use Exact Audio Copy, or CDex for ripping them (there may be others). I like both, but I use CDex most often. :slight_smile:

according to the RIAA it’s illegal, but many argue that it falls under acceptable or “Fair Use.” the RIAA are parasites who just want to make more and more money on the backs of the artists, so i say screw them. :stuck_out_tongue:


So you prefer CDex over EAC? Any particular reason?

I’ve only used EAC so I’m just curious. Always looking new and easier ways of doing things. :smiley: