Is it legal to backup my own dvd's?



Hello! I am new to cdfreaks. I was trying to figure out if it is legal to backup dvd’s that I own. I have tried anydvd by slysoft, on a trial, but I do not want to buy it if it not legal to use. Where can I find the answer? Is there any other software as good as anydvd? Please help. Thanks!



There is a lot of ansvers in this furum about your question.The way i understand it that copying dvd that you own is ligal,and for me dvdfab3 platinum works very good.Didn’t try anything else and not planing to.


Fair use hasn’t been tested in US courts, at least not as far as backing up your own dvds, so the answer isn’t perfectly clear cut. Most of us around hear interpret fair use to include the right to make copies for one’s own use. The MPAA might disagree.

No one has been prosecuted or sued for individual backups of movies they own—not to my knowledge. Sharing such material, especially over the internet, is a different matter.

DVDFab Decrypter is a free ripper and is updated fairly often, so you might want to try it if you don’t want to buy AnyDVD. If you need to reduce the size of the video once you’ve ripped it to the hard drive, you could use DVDShrink, which is also free.

DVDRebuilder is another option to reduce the size, though it takes much longer. There is a free version of that program as well.


sydbelle, this all depends on what country you are from, the laws will be different for every country.

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Having both AnyDVD and DVD Fab Gold - I would say that the DVD Fab Gold is slightly better - mainly because you can do a one click copy-

As others have said - backing up for your own use is one thing - but backing up and sharing with friends and family or on the Internet or selling the copy is clearly illegal-

Use good common sense and y’all should be OK-eh!


:iagree: Just so. Where do you live sydbelle?


The Canadian courts have ruled that backup copies for personal use are legal, but you are only allowed to use one copy of the item at a time. of course, if you use more than one simultaneously, it’s no longer a backup.

Maybe that link is of use to you.


Hi, I live in the United States.


^ The law in the US is curious. Strictly speaking, your “fair use” rights permit you to make a personal back-up copy but do not permit you to strip digital encryption (with AnyDVD or any other program for that matter) to do so. As a result, in strict legal terms, your “fair use” rights are useless since 99% + of all commercial dvds have CSS encryption.

That said, whilst technically breaching the law by stripping the digital encryption (though not by making a back-up copy), I am not aware of any case where someone has been prosecuted or sued for making a back-up copy of a dvd that they actually own (whether in the US or anywhere else for that matter).


Is it illegal to do that in Canada? I might go and look it up on Google… but I don’t really feel like it. Since it’s for my personal use only I will probably risk it… and hope not to be caught.