Is it legal to back up dvd movies?

Please don’t get upset about this question. I’m just wondering if it’s legal to make back-up copies of DVD movies that one has purchased.
I know that if I burn my old VHS tapes to disk I’m supposed to discard them once it’s done, which I probably will do as my VCR is getting a tad decrepid and it’s getting tougher to find them.

As long as you don’t rent them or download them from the internet and you OWN the actual copy of the DVD, backing it up is fine!

Just remember, if you backup the original, and then give the original to someone else, I don’t think you can keep the backup.

I’ve done my best explaining LOL Maybe someone else can explain more.

That’s the way I understand it too. Same thing goes for the old VHS stuff.

I am sorry to inform you, but read the first warning on DVD.
It is not legal to make [B]any[/B] copy, that goes for your own DVD also.
Since you are asking for legality.
Same goes for VHS, why do you think they are protected?

It doesn’t matter CDuncle. I can’t figure out to do it anyway and am not going to spend gobs of money on it. It’s done as far as I’m concerned.

If you are talking about backing up Dvds that you own, take a look at this one of many options on how to do it, all free. Posts #67 to #74, but please also read Post #78 & ask your questions here.

[QUOTE=J. Deere;2131172]I’m just wondering if it’s legal to make back-up copies of DVD movies that one has purchased.[/QUOTE]
It depends where you live. In some countries it is lawful to make a back-up copy of DVD movies that you have purchased. In other countries, not so.

And in most countries people just don’t care cause they don’t have anyone watching over they shoulder ratting them out :wink:

I stand by my opinion: I’ve paid for it so I can do with it whatever the hell I want. Watch on my media center, my portable, in the tube just as I do with books.