Is it just me, the BenQ: Media Question



With due apologies if this should be tacked to the end of another thread…

I nearly suffocated Svensen & Socrates007 when I, a newbie to DVD burning (but not computers), admitted that I thought 50 blanks would last me a few months…man was I off by a few hundred!

So I’m searching for media (like many here), and we all know Taiyo Yuden is among the most desired, but at a premium over others. I searched in the media forum and noticed scans of ProDisc and OptoDisc, and on the huge (and growing) “Post your media here” thread. Now I’d like to confirm my conclusions with your experience.

First, my own stack of 50 was OptoDisc 4x - it was cheap (about $0.28 per disk for 50), but I’ve had consistently decent scans (97 quality from Nero), with good playback even with picky players.

In this forum, the BenQ scans of ProDisc 8x look remarkable. Total PIE under 80,000, max under 90, sometimes PIF no more than 1800 total. In the media forum, though, other drives seem to create chaos with ProDisc - much worse than I’d expect would work (though I understand comparison of scans from different readers will vary widely - but wildly?)

In cakes of 100, with OptoDisc 4x at about $0.27 each, and ProDisc 8x at about $0.35 cents, or OptoDisc 8x at around $0.32 each, I pause at a conclusion without having tried a ProDisc in my 1620. If I were buying small quantities I could take a risk for the sake of experiment, but then everyone here has already done that.

For me, price wins over speed, so $0.27 is a strong attraction. However, on OptoDisc, “jitter” does hover around 10%, and on occasions spikes to 13%. The ProDisc 8x scans in BenQ look much better (around 8.5% or so), with lower PIF and much lower PIE than my 4x OptoDiscs have given. When quality is judged against price, I’m leaning toward improvement, even though I’ve not had one coaster from this 50 of OptoDisc 4x, which I must owe to the BenQ.

So, if you were dropping a hard won $120 on media for the BenQ (if you’re single, you might not understand what I mean), would you purchase ProDisc 8x?


If you want good media just pick it up on sale alittle at a time. Visit the Bargain Basement forum. I mainly use TY02’s and Verbatim 8x and 16x and don’t pay that much for it on sale.


I think that you should only buy in small amounts (50 - 100 DVD’s at a time) for a few reasons:

  1. The prices are continuing to drop, so you don’t want to be caught with a large amount of inventory. The 16X discs will become more popular over the next year, so prices for the 8X discs will continue to get cheaper. However, it appears that the 4X prices have bottomed out and in fact are now higher than the 8X prices for some media.

  2. If you only burn say one DVD disc per day on average, it will take you over a year to burn up all of this media. If you burn more than this, then you will most likely want to burn it at high speed.

  3. There might be other media oportunities come up over the next year that you won’t be able to take opportunity of, since you would already have more media than you need.

  4. There are some players that won’t play certain media types - even though the scans are great. You won’t know which discs work for them until you try, so you probably don’t want to own more than 50 of these discs.

  5. 4X discs are very close to being obsolete. That’s why their prices are rising. Future 1620 firmwares may eliminate support for this slower media as newer, faster 16X media evolves, since there’s limited space available inside the firmware chip. You don’t want to be caught with a lot of older slow media when this happens, since it will be burned with the generic 4X write strategy, rather than one specific to your media.

That said, I’ve had very good luck with the 8X Prodisc R03’s. They all seem to burn perfectly at 12X, so they don’t waste your time. I have no trouble recommending them.


I knew you guys would understand the issue better than I.

Spartane - you think things out well…

This is a great place to visit! :iagree:


JVene…pick up some TY02 Fuji 8x DVD’s from Best Buy this week…There are on sale with INSTANT Rebate for $39.99.

That is a great deal…sure they a little more but your information may be more stable on these than a cheaper brand. Keep in mind just b/c you have NO coasters does not mean that it is good media. I have seen this time and time again on various forums.

Stick with the name branded media…TY is proabably the best IMO.


test123: That’s the kind of deal I’m looking for!

TY’s from Rima and others are 48 cents each before shipping.

Even ProDisc, which isn’t really cheap media from what I hear, and Spartane mentioned (and he’s a resource of info I’ve seen around here a bit :wink: ), they’re 35 cents each - tack on shipping and that’s very close to this price (tax aside).

Reading in the media forum and bargain forum, it seems most agree the Fuji is TY02, burns at 8X, but some indicated this was 4x media - need to do just a little more homework.

It occurs to me that the average Joe (with all due respect to any Joe’s out there) wouldn’t have a clue WHAT they’re buying/burning. Most of the non-computer geeks I know have enough trouble understanding the difference between 4x and 8x speeds (just try to get 2.4x into their mind!). They’ll pay me to update their firmware (of course I only collect a few beers for the task - firmware first, though :eek: ).


If you visit you will see this media however it says 4x…but from others that have bought this media on sale this week are getting the 8x TY02’s in the 100 spindle.

I guess it would depend on what your best buy would have. But I would not settle for <8x if I were you…especially with this burner!


Yes, TYG02 (Fujifilm 8x made in Japan - not the made in Taiwan ones) are the best DVD-R media I’ve ever come across so far. I bought mine at Best Buy as well. :iagree:


I just went to BestBuy to get some DVD-R but its made in taiwan =( and the Dvd+ is made in Japan. And i check the verbatim/mem/Tdk/others and most of them is made in taiwan where do u get good quality DVD-R at?