Is it just me or does LG lightscribe not made to last?!

This is my second trip to the computer store with my lightscribe LG DVD player. This time, after burning 1/2 of a lightscribe label, the thing no longer recognizes DVD that are not burned with it - not even the original LG DVD that came with it!!!
I tried it on another computer to see if it was maybe my motherboard or connections, but no such luck, it doesn’t see DVD’s. AND it doesn’t print LIGHTSCRIBE DVD’s anymore either - tested another one, and this one, after 1/2, is completely blank. So sad.

The lady at the computer store told me that no one else has returned a LG burner to her and that I must be burning too many DVD with lightscribe…yea

Anyone else have problems?

What model is your LG? If it doesn’t perform as it should keep taking them back or get your money back and buy something else.

It is the GSA-H22L
I hope they have a newer model.
The trouble is always that they are not where I am, so they cannot see the problem as it is happening. So unless I bring in my computer with the LG burner attached, they are going to have to do their own testing.

I have no problems with my H42N (IDE) and my H62L (SATA) using LS but i don’t use it everyday.

I wish I was in your shoes. I have burned only 90% lightscribe on this burner, and about 10% data back up - so after about 40 lightscribe DVD, this thing should still be working I would think…

yeah i would think so too. That’s why i said take them back if they don’t perform like they should :iagree: It’s your word against theirs though.

What brand of LS discs are you using?

I am using HP DVD-R. Always been good to me as far as contrast goes…

I have some of those. The mid is CMC MAG AM3 and burn/LS good. You shouldn’t be having any problems with them and your LG.