Is it illegal to copy radio station music

ello is it illegal to copy music of the internet radio stations

As far as I know I don’t think so,because you pay for internet service.Unless it’s a
pay service like sirrus,or xm.
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Illegal to copy for your own personal use-No. If you use it for any other purpose-that is a problem. Copyright Law is not easy to explain for every situation.

It also really depends on where you live

reguardless of what the law is… i think you should be able to do it for your own personal use.

cause the way i see it is if you copy the music from those internet radio stations if there is legal issues it should be at the guy who’s broadcasting it’s end and not your fault :wink:

the redia wave is taken your privacy of airway and no law says you can’t record anything from your own private airways.

thanks guys for that , so how do i go about copying some so i can put them on cd?

Congress has historically come down on the side of the broadcasters in this debate, saying that radio stations can play whatever music they want while paying only a relatively small amount of money to songwriters and publishers for the right to “perform” the song on-air–and not paying record companies at all.

Similarly, the right of consumers to tape songs off the radio has generally been held to be fair use.

However, when Congress set the rules for Internet and other digital broadcasts in 1998, it gave record companies the right to royalties from Internet and satellite radio broadcasts. That’s set up a patchwork of different rules for different new media companies, even as technology has brought the way consumers use their services more closely together.


Basically the answer is: Nobody knows, but you will lose any lawsuit since they have more money.

wich programmes do i need to install to copy them then

Doesn’t winamp has it’s own disk recorder plugin?

Streamripper and streamtuner or Mplayer works very well :slight_smile:

If you do have capture card with AM & FM capability then you can capture and record directy to your hard drive and then from HD to your CD/DVD media.