Is it illegal to copy a rented DVD movie for personal use?

Seems like a lot of advertising for software to copy DVD movies and looks like a lot of people are doing it. Has anyone been busted for copying rental movies for personal use only?

Have no idea whether people have been busted for this. However, the legality also depends on the laws in your country.

For the purpose of this forum we do not allow it, to avoid any legal discussions and legal implications in the various jurisdictions we are closely monitored.

Unless you are illegally distributing the rental DVD you’re burning or have loose lips, I cannot concieve anyway ‘they’ could catch you.

What I heard is that it is legal to copy non- protected rented dvds in Germany, where I live.

I might be wrong (and I am sure I will be corrected if so :doh: ) but I think in the UK it is illegal to circumvent any copy protection (opinions differ as to wether this is still illegal if you own the original and are simply making a backup). So it doesn’t matter where you got the disc from.
Also, it is likely to be copyrighted material and to make a ‘copy’ of it you would have to have the ‘rights’ - and that usually means paying the copyright holder.

Yeah it’s illegal, it says so when you play the DVD. Is running a red light illegal? Yes, if you get caught. Same with burning blockbuster DVDs. It’s common sense.