Is it hardware, software or media?

I have had a Sony DRU-510A DVD+RW/CD-RW drive for some six months now and frankly it’s driving me mad!

Firstly it burns CD’s no problem at all even onto cheap media (Datawrite) at x48.
Same success is achieved using either Nero which I have installed or Windows XP (SP2) built in software.

Drive firmware is 1.0f which I believe is latest.

Now DVD’s and there’s a different story!
Using Nero and BulkPaq Orange DVD-R media is a disaster. Out of a pack of 25 discs I think I’ve burnt 2 discs! Nero usually gets to about 30% (sometimes 80%) and then I get an error which is usually (but not always!) “queue again later”.
I tried a Sony DVD+R disc with the same result.

The only discs I can get a result with is Mitsubushi and Packard Bell DVD+RW and these only occasionally fail.

Is it the drive, software or media that’s giving me grief?
I’m inclined to blame the media myself? Has anyone had similar problems with this drive and what media works best? Brand? +R or -R?

Any advice or confirmation that it’s the media and not the drive would be appreciated.

Nero log file attached if that helps?


BulkPaq is crap media also the sony drives are not that good well not the ones i have had access to including the dru500ax that i owned…
So i would say mix of drive and media…
software should be fine
important check your pm

thanks. guess I will just have to percivere with the DVD+RW even though they are still a bit pricey!


Edit: Your Log.txt file contained your Nero serial number. This post has been edited for your own protection. You can repost the log without the serial number included.

I would if possible get another burner as the one you have is now a bit outdated and drives are very cheap just now…