Is it good idea to buy DW1650?

Hello! I am little sceptic of buying Benq drive, because I had 1620 and it died in about six months. 1620 was used only for burning because I have DVD-ROM drive for reading purposes. Now I have Samsung 162c it is working good, but I like BenQ’s features like cd/dvd scanning support, Qsuite, overspeeding…
I want to know is this drive louder than 1620, and what do You think is it better than Samsung I currently own?
Thanx for the opinions!

In my opinion benq 1650 is a very good drive. I’m very happy with my 1640, and I’m planning to buy a 1650 (too bad I can’t right now :frowning: ).

Maybe you got a bad batch of drives, because also 1620 is a good drive.

Qsuit and scan is extra :slight_smile:

I have a 1655 and based on what I have seen and what I have read about the 1650, I would go with the 1655. There have been a few complaints about the 50 and they don’t seem to apply to the 55. The only thing to be aware of is the discrepancies between MCC media made by Prodisc and CMC. The SB learning now in BenQs seems to have a problem with using the two interchangably. The Solid burn feature seems to be needed to get the best results.

I would say yes. If any drive dies just RMA it. This happens for the best of firms my first NEC died within 6 months and NEC replaced it with a newer model within a week. The odd duff drive does not mean anything.

Hi :slight_smile:
In the UK there have been more 1655s returned ‘faulty’ than 1650s. The number however is small & perhaps to put it into context. The 1655 was available before the 1650, hence at present more 1655s sold. I have 2 of each of the 1650/1655, 1 retail & 1 oem of each model. I’ve yet to see any really significant benefits one might have over the other.
NightTran I’m not sure if you mean ‘cost’ when you say extra. If this is the case it’s not true. QSuite is free to download & includes QScan (for what it’s worth).
zivija, the 1650/1655 is a quieter drive when compared to the 1620. (In my experience anyway). I would also that the BenQ is better alround when put along side the Samsung.