Is it good for PAL color system


Does this 5005 or 5045 gives perfect colors and pictures if the source is PAL, and the destination is PAL?

I have many PAL VHS would be converted to PAL DVD

will the picture be in good quality.

because currently I am having sony GX7 NTSC from the US, when I went back to Saudi Arabia, I was not able to record the PAL system, so I bought a PAL ==> NTSC converter
but the result picture is not good at all

would you recommend for me a product to work fine for PAL system, the important thing is that it should have i-link

As far as giving perfect pictures that is a matter of personal interpretation, however the 500x models will allow you to transfer your VHS tapes to DVD.
The quality of VHS is below that of DVD so any copy of a VHS can only be as good as the source, however many have found that the dvd copy is a better picture, the encoding process gives a lift to the colour and smooths the picture which takes away the graininess of VHS.
Most like this but some don’t - again personal taste.
All have i-link/firewire but this is purely for connection to a camcorder.