Is it common for disc to crack when taken out?

i’ve read while purchasing branded dvd cases taht that poorly made dvd cases can crack the hub of a disc either by forcing to much pressure outwards from the center hud clamp to the disc causing it to crack in half, and clamps snapping the disc in half when the user attempts to take the disc out or when trying to seat it in the case, i’ve never experienced it before as i always purchased good quality cases, but i’m curious as to the rate of occurrences for other ppl who have lesser quality branded cases, or even good quality ones, or if this is all just a big hoax marketing scheme of scare tactics to frighten users into buying their brands.

thanks you so much

It’s not common but it does happen.

I’ve had two discs break at the inside edge; they were burned DVDs - not commercial DVDs. This is out of hundreds of cases.

There are some commercial DVDs that might have been cracked like this, if I hadn’t been very careful when removing the disc from the original case. Such cases I replace with other empty cases, I have bought separately.