Is it buggered

hope somene can help. have a emprex 1016im 16x but it will not write to disc.
keep getting write error. tried various media including taiyo yuden/ verbatim.
i have tried nero 6 and roxio 7 and 8 still no joy. seems to cache the track which takes about 6mins then when it comes to write the writer seems to start up then stutter and the green light on the front turns orange too then it comes up write error. have tried also updating firmware still no joy.
use p4 2.4ghz 512mb. ps it will still play a dvd.

many thanks

Same bug with my 1108IM. Solved (still testing thought) by updating the drive with the latest firmware in DOS mode combined with Sonic RecordNow burning soft(nero always returns error while burn is between 2-20%. You can try this one and post the results

Hi guys,

which discs are you using? BTC/Emprex drives are very picky and you receive the best results with good/high quality disc.

the firmware i updated already to a091 but sonic record will not even play on my computer. it use to but now wont even let me record an audio cd. just get a little box access denied when i try.

You can always try with nero 6. Tryto update it with the latest version updates. This is what I was suggested. Currently I’m downloading nero’s updates and I will test them as soon as they are finished

Unfortunately its a BTC there isnt need to say anymore. Anyway you could try the drive in another computer see if a different setup helps. Make sure the drive has the latest firmware as well. Check that your PSU is good and strong enough juice to run a DVD burner.

You did check the dma mode?