Is it broken?

I have a Pioneer A05 which has suddenely decided not read any discs(dvd/cd).
It is there on system boot up(bios) and it appears in windows in my computer as a drive, but when i insert a cd/dvd and click on the drive it shows nothing. I have been using this drive for a long time and had it was working perfectly. Also when i right click on the drive properties it states this drive is working properly and i can also eject the tray from here.

Any help would be appreciated.


Test the drive in another computer.
If it behaves the same, then the drive is dead.

Try reinstalling the ide controller and if that doesn’t work try a new cable before you pull it out of the pc to test in another.

How do i re-install the ide controller?


go to device manager, then do as the picture shows, then reboot and it will reinstall.