Is it better to rip to files or iso?

What works better with standalone players, ripping to files and then burning or ripping to iso and then burning? Also, if no compression is needed should i just have shrink use nreo to burn directly? One more thing is it a better pactice to rip to HD or on the fly burning assuming no compression needed. Thank you for the input!

Everyone has their own method for backups, I’m not sure any is ‘better’ than the other. Just different IMO.

I personally rip files to HDD, build an ISO image from the files and then burn the ISO. While it may be a little longer than burning on the fly, I value the flexibility and control this offers.

For standalone players it doesn’t matter, if you have an output as an iso or files. More important is to use quality media and to find out which media your player likes.

It is related to the software you want to use for burnings. If you want to use ImgBurn or CD-DVD Speed, you must use ISO files. If you use nero or roxio or other softwares, files are good.

There is no difference in quality providing, as said rapid fire, that you use quality media

Here’s some info on ISO pros and cons.

Unless you’re burning to a dual-layered dvd, there’s virtually no difference in your final product after transcoding to a single-layered dvd. If the source dvd is single-layer, you can burn on-the-fly if your dvd read speed is at least as fast as your dvd write speed.

Thank you all for your comments. It’s just that i read somewhere in this forum that some standalone’s have problems with burned images, so i thought it’s better to ask. I just bought my first burner(BenQ1655) and ordered 100 TY DVD+R media from Rima. I figure since BenQ will allow me to bittset +R to ROM I will have the best chances of compatability, along with genuine TY media. I will start out trying to stick with freeware like Shrink, Decrypter, Vob Blanker and only buy s/w if needed, will also try to stay away from compression even if it means 2 dvd’s since what’s most important to me is quality and longevity(maybe only shrink to get rid of things without touching the movie). What do you all think of this approach? Thanks again!

Good choices and a sound method in regards to your backup.

I would suggest adding AnyDVD to your list of needs. While Shrink and Decrypter were great tools (still are in many ways) they aren’t exactly current. Neither tool will do much with newer encryption schemes.

you’ll still need a program like anydvd to remove the newest copy protection, it’s a good investment :slight_smile:

Then i should probably get the combo AnyDVD with CloneDVD2 which is a better deal, which means I wouldn’t have any use for Shrink. As for images, did anyone hear anything about stanalone players having issues with burned images rather than files? I could have swore Iread that in one of the forums here, but i guess trial and error will set me straight. thanks again

Most of the issues I’ve read about here with standalone players seems to be the result of using less than stellar media. I don’t think you will have any problems in that regard as you have made a good choice going with TY.

Playback problems on standalones many times are due to a bad burn. A thing that improve compatibility (mostly with older standalones) is to burn +R media setting booktype to ROM. Too bad not all burners allow to change booktype.

It looks like AnyDVD is a must, but may be able to get away(atleast for now) w/o CloneDVD. Read a post in the AnyDVD forum that talks about the settings to use if using Any and DVDD and then burning with ImgBurn, and in those hopefully rare times when there is no point of splitting to 2 dvd’s just use Shrink to remove features and leave movie untouched to fit on one dvd. The BenQ1655 arrived today(ONE day after order from NewEgg :eek: ) now just waiting for the TY’s from Rima, can’t wait to start :bigsmile: . Hope to hear some more ideas, thanks again!!!

you can also just keep on using DVDD for the burning aswell,

What if you’re burning to a DL disc?

Up to now I have always used single-layer discs. I use Decrypter to create files, process the files with Nero Recode and burn with Nero Burning Rom (using the drag-and-drop interface). But now I am about to buy my first batch of DL discs. If I continue to use Decrypter in file mode, will there be problems (at the layer break, for instance?)

If you’re copying the entire contents of one dual-layered dvd to another, it’s better to use ISO read/write mode to preserve the layer break.

Is there a tutorial to show [U]exactly[/U] what settings work best if you want to do an iso?

There are no “best” settings for ripping an iso with DVD Decrypter. It’s one of those things that just happens. If you want, you can check all the boxes under the ISO Read Mode tab in the settings to remove all of the restrictions from the dvd, but this isn’t essential.