Is it better to record at High bit rate then Shrink?

Is it better to capture at a high bit rate then shrink the file? or are you going to get the same results if you record at a lower bit rate but just big enough to fit on a DVD?

That would depend entirely on the encoding quality of your recorder or capture card.

In my experience with my Sony RDR-HX910 HDD/DVD standalone recorder, it’s better to let the recorder do the compression instead of letting DVD Shrink do it, but the difference is not very big.

If you have a very good re-encoder, you might get a better result by encoding at a high bitrate and then let your re-encoder use whatever time it needs to analyze and re-encode the video.

It all depends, really.

Generally, it’s better to just let your recorder do the compression.

Compressing something, then recompressing again, you are losing more quality, than if you just did it once.

Of course, as drage stated above, it depends on your recorder … it may be better to make it do as little compression as possible, if it’s a poor quality encoder :wink:

If your SHRINK encoder is like WAY better than your normal encoder, perhaps.

But all things being sorta equal, I’d just compress from the source and then not re-compress unless you have to.

But if you know that whatever you get from the source has to be encoded again to make it fit, I would record at the highest level of quality and then use your SHRINK encoder at its highest quality (but still able to fit on your target) so it it is compressed one major time instead of two.

Make sense?

DVDshrink is a terrible way to compress … it uses temporal compression, aka, only compresses the keyframes … so you lose ALOT of quality.

Just record it at the correct bit-rate in the first place, unless the encoder is terrible quality.

Man, I dunno - DVD Shrink seems to kick out some incredibly high quality stuff for me, what with the Deep Analysis and all.

Still no comparison compared to doing it properly the first time.

I dunno. I rip a backup of a pressed movie, encode it with DVD Shrink at 80% or above (even 70%) with Deep Analysis and the thing looks fantastic when played back on my 32" TV.

Doesn’t look very terrible to me or anyone else who watches it.

Does it not work well for you somehow? Seems to do a great job for a lot of people out there…

I can see the pixelation in original DVD’s playing on most screens larger than 58cms, let alone high definition displays.

Shrink works fine … if I don’t mind the pixellation, despite a 90% compression ratio, smooth adaptive error correction.

I can easily pick a copied DVD from an original, except in the case of pathetically mastered discs where the compression is too high on the original.

I can also hear buzzing AC/DC adapters & squealing fluorescent ballasts … much to the annoyance of my family & friends … because they need to be within 20cms of them to even get them on the edge of hearing.

Well, I guess my eyes have not evolved to the state yours have, so for me, DVD Shrink still does the job, especially with Deep Analysis. :slight_smile:

Capturing in the highest bitrate your capture program allows and then using DVD Rebuilder to re-encode beats any other ways I’ve tried.