Is it best to scrap a burned CD/DVD if they are failing verifications?

Okay, I’ll bare that in mind. :iagree:


Somebody get me my ranting quill! :a

I recorded some Reading Festival concert footage back in August on my cheap and cheerful Visitron DVD recorder, and my guitar teacher wanted some copies of it.

Fair game, I bunged the DVD into my Phillips burner, and wanted to create an image using IMGBurn.

Failed to copy. Try again. I scratched my head, muttering the odd swear word, and immidiantly thought to open the disc in Explorer and see if I can copy it manually over to my hard drive. One of the largest files borked and refused to copy. :eek:

Tried DVD Cloner, crashed and gave up.

Would the disc play at all? I used a standalone DVD player built into my TV, and a Phillips unit. Hmm, the disc seem to playback fine. OOPS! Skipped several minutes on the DVD and refused to play the last 5 minutes.

Finally, I tried a recovery program. Seems to show signs its working, but speeds are so slow it slows down to a crawl. Literally, not even a crawl. 0.02MBS every THIRTY SECONDS - Bare in mind I had just over a GB to recover and after 10 hours constantly, it had moved a painful 10MB. No, probably not even that. My mum accidently cancelled it and I just gave up.

The kicker is this. Have a stab in the dark what the brand was?


It wasn’t all bad news, though. I did manage to do a manual copy of copying one DVD to another, and I may have only lost probably 10 minutes of it. I can live with that. :rolleyes:

I gotta be more careful… :eek: