Is It Any DVD Or Recorder Program?



I have latest version for AnyDVD. I have used CopyDVD3 and all I get is the first 30 seconds of the digital introduction. It converts to VOB and takes the time to write and that is all I get. I have tried CloneDVD2 and get the error “target size sufficient,transcoder disabled”. I have all checked in feature removal in AnyDVD. What am I doing wrong? It was working before. Help VERY much appreciated, wasting a lot of discs!


Did you RTFM? >


I read this before. It looks like I set it up correctly. Any ideas? Thxs.


This is not an error. It means, that the backup will have the best possible quality. All is fine.


Should this notification be more “user-friendly”? I mean that I do know what this means, but as we see, someone not so “nerd” doesn’t :wink:

Something like “target size sufficient,transcoder not needed”


I am glad it isn’t an error, but it comes up and looks like it won’t let me me record it to disk. What am I supposed to do after seeing this page/box come up? Thanks for reply.