Is it allowed to ask this question please?

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Could someone tell me please, if i am allowed to ask questions about dvd decrypter? I have read your news articles and was not sure. Also, if it is allowed, could you please tell me where to post it? I have been looking through the forums, and am not sure, so thought it was better to ask.

Mills :flower:

Hi :slight_smile:
Take a look here. If this doesn’t help, come back with specific questions/info in relation to what you want to do.

Yes, you can ask questions about the program. Just make sure you don’t ask how to do anything illegal. If you’re backing up your collection it’s okay. If you need help with anything else, like downloaded movies, people won’t help.

You can ask about anything you like, as long as it’s legal. We can’t offer help with stuff like downloads of commercial movies, copying other people’s store-bought discs etc (the rules should hopefully make it a little more clear).

If you’re using Decrypter to backup stuff from your own collection, then you can either post it in here, or in the Copy DVD Movie forum. Either is fine. :slight_smile:

Other than that, welcome! :smiley:

Thanx [U]very[/U] much zebadee! That is a great page, i have saved it.
I think i found pretty much what i was looking for. I only know the basics, and all i wanted to know for now, was what write speed to set it at as mine is the old version decrypter (not fab) and it is set to max. I have set it to 8x as i use 8x dvd-r for movies.

Thanx again
Mills :slight_smile:

If you are interested in burnings only, maybe it’s better to use the latest version of the burning engine of decrypter, now called imgburn.

You can find it here


Thanx to you all for your info. I don’t dowload movies and such. Too risky!
Just a brief explanation…I live in and own a lodge, and just want to back up my own collection for private use in other rooms in the house. They are never taken off my property, and never sold. Is that legal please?

Mills :flower:

I’d say go right ahead :bigsmile:…I don’t download movies either. In fact, most of my internet use is hanging around here at CDF :bigsmile:

By the way Arachne, it is because of you that i posted this question. After trolling round trying to find answers on this forum, i came across some of your answers to someone else about write speed, disc deterioration, and lite-on burners. So thankyou for that! Who said blondes couldn’t learn?? :rolleyes: Don’t worry though, the info will be gone when i wake up tomorrow! :iagree:
Just kidding, but thanx

According to the MPAA, they’d probably want to to buy separate copies for each room :slight_smile: .
Seriously, i think that type of thing is still being discussed in court. They think even if you want to back up a Walt Disney movie (which are in some cases only released every seven years) you can’t, you should buy multiple copies IN CASE your child scratches the movie. A friend of mines 3-yr old daughter opened up his dvd player and threw the disc out the window to see it sail like a frisbee. Having worked in a retail CPU department, i’ve talked to several people who wanted to back up movies to gaurd against this type of thing. I wonder what the MPAA would say.

Thanx for that info also. I really am a no brainer about all this, but think it’s a great program. I have a friend that comes and does all this for me, and he put the program on for me, but i would like to learn as much as i can myself without stepping on my friends toes. If you know what i mean!

Thanx Mills

You’re welcome Mills :slight_smile:

Imgburn is the same burning engine of dvd decrypter, created by the same author, but don’t have anymore the decrypting capability. I suggest you to use imgburn for your burnings because it’s more updated than dvd decrypter.

Awwww, how sweet (you’re welcome, BTW…glad my ramblings came in handy for someone ;))! I expect the info will still be there tomorrow - us girls are smarter than we look :bigsmile:

I know what you mean! When it was vhs my sister and friends kids used to feed the vhs jam sandwiches and other obnoxious stuff. Bless em hug em squeeze em, (round the throat) the little darlings! Gotta love kids haven’t ya?

But i have my mates and their kids up here, and you’ve got the eldest ones wanting to watch horrors, and the littlest ones wanting disney, so its easier to back up my collection so they don’t get damaged, rather than buy them all again, and shove the little darlings in different rooms to fend for themselves for some peace and quiet!! Then there is the adults with the late night movies, and i’m not talking horrors…enough said!!!


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