Is it a sony crx140e ch2 or crx0811?

Hello all,

I just received a sony 8/4/32 cdrw from a friend. It came with the box manuals etc. The box lists it as a crx140e/ch2, but the label on the top of the drive lists it as a crx0811, maufactured mar/2001. What gives? The manual has the tech specs for both drives in the back. The crx140 has a 4mb buffer, and the crx0811 has a 2mb buffer, besides that they look pretty much the same tech specs wise. I looked on the sony website for the crx0811, but could not find it (was looking for firmware upgrade, currently have 1.0c I believe).
So my question is what drive do I have? Why was there a crx0811 in the box listed as a crx140e/ch2, and why cannot I find the crx0811 listed anywhere?

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If you have windows 98, click Start, Settings, Control Panel, System, Device manager, select the CD-ROm branch, double-click your drive, then Settings. You should get the device name and its fimware revision.


So basically I should go with the information reported by the cdrw device via windows device manager, as far as the device type/model is concerned, even if the label on the drive tells me something different?

I will be installing the drive this weekend and report back my findings later on. I was just confused, as I could not track down the device as labeled, crx0811, on the sony website etc.

thanks again


Thank you for your appreciation :slight_smile:

Basically you should go with what Device Manager tells you as it is how the system sees your drive.

If your drive is reported differently from the label on the drive (not on the box!) it may indicate that the drive has been overclocked or otherwise flashed to a different model, either by the PO or quite possibly by Sony itself, but having two different buffer sizes between the different models makes this unlikely. I would ask your friend about this discrepancy.

Making a search at the German Frimware Page (as I call it ;)) which has the most extensive independent collection of Sony drive Flash Roms I could not see your model number listed, maybe because this particular model is not flash-upgradeable.

So it indeed all comes down to what Device Manager sees the drive as and to go on from there.



       As I can see there is some confusion on these drives.  Both are similar, but have some very interesting internal differences.  The reason you cannot find any info on the CRX0811 on the Sony site is because for one, this particular model came in as the re-writable drive for most Macintosh G3 computers.  Sony therefore did not carry the info on this drive since Apple did.  

One of the key differences between the CRX140E and CRX0811 us that the CRX0811 has buffer underrun protection where as the CRX140E did not. Therefore, the CRX0811 has a smaller buffer size as well. Even though this may make the drive slower in some cases, or have a tendancy to bring a system to it’s knees when in use if the system is older, it will prevent you from making more coasters.

Also, it’s easier to take apart and clean if ever needed.

The CRX140E is also known as the rebadged HP9100 series.

I hope this clears up some confusion for you and why you won’t find a few of the abscure models like the CRX0811 on Sony’s site… Try Apple’s for more info on this drive.