Is it a software that can create copyright?

i know how to crack a copyright DVD, havent try a copyright vcd :slight_smile:
is it a software that can create a copyright for dvd or vcd?

or how to create a copyright for dvd and vcd?

thanks, im new in this forum :smiley:

Welcome C-W,

I moved your thread to this part of the forum. You want to copy protected a DVD or VCD?

If you want to copyright a cd…
well I found this,

I dont even think it is a program.

If you want to copy a copyrighted cd/dvd get Ripit4me for dvd movies. Alcohol 120 for Games,ext.

thnks guys

its is only a company that provided a copyright protection

anyway thanks

I assume you are referring to copyright protection schematics (like DRM, safedisc, securom, starforce, etc), since you already own copyright on all your personally created material.

Unfortunately most of these schematics are not available to the public and usually involve both a hardware and a software process. You could contact starforce or safedisc for more information.