Is it a SATA or IDE hard drive?



Hello to all,

I have inherited a fairly nice desktop system from my father as he upgraded to something else, and am unsure whether or not the sole hdd in this comp is SATA or IDE, as I’m considering putting in a second hdd

Is there any way to tell what kind of hdd is in the system without having to remove it to check out what’s actually written on the hardware? Ive found out that it’s properties name is:

WDC WD3200AAJB-00TYA0 ATA Device

perhaps it is a SATA? thanks for this, the help is appreciated, I’m somethin of a n00b with hardware things and am still learnin the ropes with this windows OS :o



It’s a Western Digital PATA (IDE) drive AFAIK :slight_smile:


It is a PATA/IDE drive, Windows just can’t tell the interfaces apart.


Let me Empower you. Open the case and see if it is connected to the mother board on the SATA connectors. Small cord small connect.


a WDxxxAAJB is definatly an IDE, I just installed a shiny new
WD1600AAJB 160Gb HDD in my Desktop. (It was $50 still sealed in the factory bag at a recent computer “show”)

a WD SATA drive would end in “S” not “B”

The one you are looking at is a 320GB drive with an 8Mb buffer and 100Mb/sec transfer rate.