Is it a right method for checking DVDs Quality?

Today I have checked 3 brand of DVDs.
1-Princo DVD-R Max Speed 4X DYE== Princo Corporation
2-FujiFilm DVD-R Max Speed 8X DYE == ProdiscF01 [Prodisc Technology Inc.]
3-Samsung DVD+R Max Speed 16X DYE== MCC004 [Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation]

I have burnt all of them with Plextor 760SA writer Firmware 1.06 by speed of 6X. (I used Plextor for getting good results in burning)
I have tested all of them by LITE-ON DVDRW SHW-16H5S LS0W.
(I used Lite-On as these drives are good readers.)

So you can see the result.

Is it a right way to check DVDs?

Please let me know.

Also do you think Samsung uses good DYE for the its DVDs or not?


If you can run a Transfer Rate Test in CD-DVD Speed also, that would be great. :slight_smile:

Ditto :iagree:

I never tried Samsung branded MCC004 media, but usually verbatim branded are the ones with better quality :slight_smile:

That Samsung MCC004 scan actually looks good, especially since the scan was run at Max speed. :slight_smile:

Which code does the Samsung MCC 004 have in the clear hub?
Scan looks like a genuine MCC because most fakes are slightly worse.

(My guess: Prodisc or MBI code.)

Wow. The Plextor seems to be able to cope with Princo very well. :eek:
I thought that this would be a “Lèse majesté” (Majesty insult) for the King of Quality :smiley:

I was going to say re scan at 4X but when i mention something like that member Francksoy has a comment.

4x or 8x would be my suggestion with that drive :iagree:…the “high speed” scan that folk like to see has already been provided :wink:

As for the Serial number I just found two ones.
One which was engraved on the polycarbonate.(Plastic Material)

The other which was writen on the DYE.

I don’t know which one is the one you are looking for.

Also I tested the same DVD again by speed of 4X as you wanted.
I hope it’s the right.
(In fact,I didn’t understand that if I shoud burn it at 4X speed and then test it or I should just test its reading by speed of 4X)

let me know please.

Looks to be the same manufacturer as PLAY-O.

Wow :eek:…thanks dakhaas :slight_smile:

@GuyNoir - by 4x/8x, we meant the scan speed, not the burn speed. So you did correctly, although I would have chosen 8x :slight_smile:

Another Hong Kong or Macau fake? :sad:
Samsung has used Optodisc and some Moser Baer in the past. In the 4x days they even used Taiyo Yuden.
They seem to have went the way of brands to avoid. :Z

No problem. I’ll say it for you :slight_smile:
Scan at 4x speed. :iagree:

ROTFL :bigsmile:

I tend to go 8x on 5S drives simply because I’m impatient :bigsmile:…but 4x’s good too (apart from waiting for it hehe).

But 8x seems to be more real-world like. I only use 4x if I need jitter scans.
And I often use 12x scanning :slight_smile:

I use each speed for its own reasons so you won’t hear ANYTHING from me EVER about your scan speeds (except if you do 1x or 2x :bigsmile: )…

1x scanning on a LiteOn 6S series drive will show some problems that are not shown at higher speeds, even at 16x. I’m not sure why, but my personal theory is that some operating parameter such as perhaps tilt is locked at 1x but not at higher speeds. My theory is only conjecture however

2x is the only supported scanning speed for Plextor drives with PlexTools Professional.

So 1x and 2x scanning speeds are not to be scoffed at. :wink:

I would never ever recommend 4x scanning ever again. It’s useless (unless testing jitter) since a burn with high jitter will scan better at 4x than it will at 8x.

High speed scanning brings out some discs true colours.

I scan @ 4x with jitter in cdspeed to find out the jitter. Then I go again at a high speed. 8x or higher just to see how badly the jitter effects scanning.

Please see this thread I made about how I disagree with CD Freaks reviewing burns with 4x scanning and not using jitter.

I would rather say that high-speed scanning shows you a different point of view than low speed scanning. Scanning at multiple speeds on a drive will tell you more than just scanning at a single speed. Scanning at multiple speeds in multiple drives will tell you even more. Combining this with Read Transfer Tests in some picky drives will tell you even more.

I have recently tested a couple of mediocre/bad discs in all my scanning drives except my Optiarc 7173 and Plextor 760 and at multiple speeds. The results have been an eye opener and I’m leaning more towards high-speed scanning than I ever did before.

I need to perform tests in my Optiarc 7173 and Plextor 760 and then I will present the results in some way on the forum.

I can already tell you that a specific problem is shown in multiple drives, but only at 16x scanning speed in my LiteOn drives, with not the slightest sign of the problem at 12x and slower scanning speeds. Some drives show the problem in TRT tests and some don’t.

I scan @ 4x with jitter in cdspeed to find out the jitter. Then I go again at a high speed. 8x or higher just to see how badly the jitter effects scanning.
Based on my experience, if you want to scan at two speeds I suggest 4x with jitter and 16x (without jitter).

For scans posted in the LiteOn forum you need to use 8x scanning speed on the 5S drives and later, however.

Well, I can’t say that I disagree with you at all, Drage :slight_smile:

Just recently I have been using 4x jitter then 16x scanning. Gotta love how fast 16x testing is :smiley:

I’m interested in your tests. Posting on this forum, correct?

Noticed that some of the scans are Sum [B]9[/B]/1… Is it Liteon 5S bug?

LOL - why would I need to comment about the scanning speeds, since [B]CD Pirate[/B], [B]kg_evilboy[/B] and [B]DrageMester [/B]have done that already… :bigsmile: (in other words, it’s not fair of you to corner me this way, like if I was the only one to question the “[I]scan-only-@4X-to-get-a-useful-scan[/I]” motto ;)).